We supply innovative high quality components used by the leading names in the rail industry globally

wearing & bearing MATERIALS

We supply innovative materials from a major manufacturer who has a history of nearly 100 years working with the railway industry.

These high performance materials are finished to the highest quality and accuracy for applications such as:

  • Centre pivot liners
  • Suspension bushes
  • Side bearer liners
  • Brake linkage bushes
  • Low friction sliding plates
  • Anti-roll bar bushes

The products have approvals from British Rail, Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, Eurotunnel, Bombardier, Alstom, Paulstra, LUL, OBB, RENFE, TrenItalia and others.

Hilatex rail composite

Laminates & composites

Hilatex supplies high performance laminates and composites for the rail industry, with products in our range exhibiting electrical insulation, mechanical strength, low flammability, low smoke emissions, low moisture absorption and low toxicity with suitable applications for:

  • Signalling switch box liners
  • General electrical insulation
  • Electrical insulation and mounting blocks on automatic partition doors

Products can be used at Class F, Class H and Class S temperature applications.

COrk composites

Rail traffic generates high levels of vibrations that need to be reduced, especially in an urban environment. We supply materials and products to reduce vibrations in the light rail, underground, heavy and high speed railways.

Products include:

  • Rail Pads
  • Base plate
  • Under sleeper pads
  • Ballast mats

These materials are a cost effective method of increasing elasticity, reducing wear and tear and reducing noise and vibrations.

Hilatex rail cables

cables & SLEEVINGS

Our comprehensive range of cables and sleevings are used in the railway industry for a variety of uses including multi conductor cables, power, instrumentation and monitoring, all designed to work in high temperature and demanding environments manufactured to the highest industry standards.