Our focus is on ingredients which promote wellness and help consumers maintain a healthy and active lifestyle

Hilatex supplies natural non-GMO ingredients to dairy, cereal, drinks and food supplement producers.

In addition to supplying high quality natural ingredients, we work with our clients from the Middle East, Asia and Africa to manufacture under licence and distribute leading brands from Europe in their local and regional markets.

functional food ingredients for dairy prodcuts

We supply phytosterols and phytosterol esters, ingredients which actively reduce cholesterol.

These ingredients have an approved health claim and come with strong scientific backing.

Used in ice cream formulation, we supply microalgae sourced ingredients which reduce fat and cholesterol whilst preserving taste.

Hilatex also supplies ingredients which assist with:

  • calorie reduction
  • fat reduction
  • sugar reduction
  • dental benefits
  • fiber enrichment
  • prebiotic effect

ingredients and formulation for beverages 

Hilatex sources and supplies natural ingredients which are used in the formulation of beverages. We supply ingredients which are used to produce multivitamin, carbonated and noncarbonated drinks targeting wellness, health, performance and beauty. 

Our ingredients help to:

  • reduce calories
  • extend energy release
  • reduce sugars
  • help in weight management
  • deliver vitamins