Established in 1987, Hilatex has been supplying the highest quality products and services from Europe for over 30 years


Hilatex supplies electrical insulation, sleevings, electrical tapes, cables, wires, high temperature composites, wearing & bearing materials and instrumentation for a wide variety of applications in the electrical, manufacturing and heavy industries.

We also supply food ingredients, functional foods, agricultural feedstocks and machinery used in food production and agriculture.

Hilatex works hard to build deep and long standing relationships with its clients and suppliers and has worked with some of its clients and associates uninterrupted since the very first day.

Hilatex is proud to work with some of the largest and most prestigious brands in the world and together we bring over 650 years of combined experience and expertise at the disposal of our clients

We take the trust and responsibility placed on us seriously and are proud of our history of delivering high quality products based on long term relationships.

We look forward to forging new relationships continuously.