Our products and services are used in transmission, distribution, maintenance and commissioning across conventional and renewable energy power plants

We supply cables, sleevings, tapes, laminates and composite materials used in high temperature environments and high quality test equipment, all of which are used across various parts of the power industry and across all types of power plants.


Hilatex supplies an extensive range of cables for every type of power plant.

Our range of high quality cables meet stringent criteria for fire resistance, low toxicity smoke, UV resistance, high temperature and hydrocarbon resistance.

The main applications of our specialist cables for the power generation industry  are:

  • power cable
  • control cable
  • instrumentation cables
  • pyrometry cables

The above cables are sourced in 5 main groups:

  • zero halogen
  • fire resistant
  • high temperature
  • pvc sheath
  • hydrocarbon resistant

Hilatex laminates


We supply materials which extend machine life and improve reliability, whilst helping our clients produce power safely, more efficiently and more effectively.

Specialist laminate and composite materials are used to manufacture:

  • Epoxy glass wedges             
  • Epoxy/polyester winding packings in rotating machines
  • Phenolic paper
  • Fabric and silicone spacers and supports in transformers
  • PTFE-faced phenolic paper phase barriers



Our range of tapes have a wide variety of applications along the electrical value chain

  • vinyl electrical tapes which are moisture, abrasion and corrosion resistant
  • rubber tapes used to provide primary electrical insulation, used on bus bar connections, general splice insulation and moisture sealing for low and high voltage connections
  • vinyl backed mastic tapes to provide insulating barrier or moisture seal
Hilatex instrumentation


Hilatex is an official distributor for T&R Test Equipment, UK's leading manufacturer of heavy current and high voltage electrical test equipment.

Hilatex supplies high voltage test equipment which has been specially designed for the safe and practical detection of voltages on electrical systems in the power generation and distribution and electrical service and maintenance industries.

These specialist range of HV test equipment have a longstanding reputation for accuracy and reliability, being constructed under international standards.

Our broad product range includes:

  • relay test equipment
  • primary current injection systems
  • micro-ohmmeters
  • DC cable test sets
  • AC flash testers