Hilatex has been supplying a variety of high quality, cost effective, high performance materials to the oil and gas sector for the past two decades

We provide specialist tapes, bearing and wearing parts, composite materials, cables and instrumentation to our clients from leading European manufacturers.


We supply composite materials made from woven fibre bonded with resin with PTFE as a friction modifier.

These bearings work in sea water, in dirty abrasive environments with many applications for the offshore industries, such as floating production and storage operation turrets, horizontal and vertical slide pads due to its low level of friction and resistance to wear. Other applications are for windlasses, jack lift guides, drill string support pivots, fairleads, sheaves, and mooring systems.

Our composite materials can be used as fingerboard bushes, crane pivot point bearings, stinger roller bearings, fairleads, winches and much more. A self lubricating material, these composites are often used in place of metal bearings offering a cost saving to equipment manufacturers by eliminating complex lubrication systems.

These composite materials have durability, dimensional stability, low friction, and excellent wear characteristics. With the ability to run both dry and wet with water lubrication making them extremely useful in hydro and marine applications.

Hilatex oil&gas high temperature


Hilatex supplies high temperature filters made out of inorganically bonded granular minerals, providing 3 times the strength of ceramic fibres.

These hot gas filter elements are HEPA rated and developed for operating temperatures up to 1150 °C.

We supply a wide range of element designs in a choice of exonerated refractory materials tailor-made to customer requirements, all complying with the highest environmental emission standards worldwide.

With over 300,000 elements sold worldwide, our associate has supported 200 plants in over 40 countries with its advanced technology, helping significantly reduce emissions and optimize heat recovery.

Hilatex auto cables


We offer a wide variety of cables and sleevings for applications throughout the oil & gas industry

Hilatex oil&gas tapes


Hilatex supplies glass silicone tapes for high temperature masking and insulation. 

High strength tapes, flame retardant and heat resistant for fire protection.