Hilatex provides high performance materials of exceptional quality with application and use all along the automotive production value chain

Our offering to the automotive sector includes bespoke laminate and composite materials, wearing and bearing materials, cables, sleevings, cork based seals and electrical tapes.


Our laminate and composite offerings for the automotive industry include materials which are light, strong, improve performance, reduce weight and wear as well as resist petrochemicals.

These products are used in protectors for gearbox shafts and as inserts to provide fixing points within carbon moldings.

Hilatex auto wearing

Wearing & bearing materials

We supply self lubricating composite materials used in cars and off road vehicles for applications including pedal bushes, ball seats, suspension guides, steering column seals and gear shift bushes.

Injection moulded to make precision components these components have lower friction than conventional bearings, not give problems of stick slip and are quiet in use.

Hilatex auto cables


We offer a large variety of cables and sleevings that are used in the automotive industry, including:

  • single conductor cables with variety of insulation types to service differing temperature requirements;
  • expandable braided sleeving made of polyester monofilament;
  • fibreglass braided sleeving with aluminised silicone rubber coating; and
  • sleeving for cable assemblies
Hilatex auto cork composites

Cork composites

Hilatex supplies cork sealing materials from the worlds largest cork specialist. These materials are used where contact with engine oil, gear oil, diesel or biodiesel fuel is required. Specifically aimed at valve covers, oilpans and automatic transmission covers, creating a water tight seal where distortion is an issue.

We supply cork based materials which provide various levels of mechanical IP dust and water resistant design possibilities and offer rugged industrial flat gasket solutions.

Applications are widespread and include use in trucks, agricultural machinery, bus & coach, mining & quarrying as well as forestry equipment, recreational vehicles, fork lifts and cranes.

Hilatex auto electrical tapes


Hilatex supplies a wide range of adhesive tapes manufactured under the strictest standards focused on performance and reliability for use in the automotive industry.

We supply aluminium tapes which have a high thermal exchange whilst keeping good conformability for automotive cables.

Film tapes are a high performance tape used in traction motors, flat conductors and automotive bobbins.