Hilatex supplies innovative high quality components used by the electric motor and pump manufacturing industry

Since inception, Hilatex has been supplying a wide variety of insulation materials, cables, sleevings, composites and laminates to manufacturers of electric motors and pumps. Our core competency, we have been the preferred supplier of some of the largest electric motor and pump manufacturers in the Middle East for nearly twenty years.

As market pressures and regulatory requirements demand our customers to manufacture more energy efficient motors and pumps, we recognise the changing needs of the industry and supply innovative materials which are designed to help provide a more efficient and cost effective manufacturing process.

Hilatex motor insulation


Hilatex supplies a wide variety of flexible and rigid insulation which have a range of applications in electric motors and generators.

Our insulation materials are used for slot liners, phase insulation, barrier applications and closures for voltage motors and generators.

We offer Nomex® brand papers, pressboards, and laminates and our flexible insulation offering includes DMD, Elephantide and Presspahn.

Hilatex motor cable


Our comprehensive range of cables are used in the motor and pump manufacturing industry for a variety of uses, all designed to work in demanding environments, manufactured to the highest industry standards.

The cables Hilatex supplies have excellent flexibility and good insulation cut-through resistance and are particularly suitable for motor and transformer lead outs.

Our high voltage cables are compatible with most impregnation varnishes, work at high temperatures and are used in motors, generators and transformers.

Hilatex motor tape


Our large range of electrical insulating tapes are made from a variety of backings and adhesives to meet the requirements of different motor, pump and generator applications.

Applications include composite tapes for industrial and appliance motors and glass cloth tapes for high temperature or high power motors.

Hilatex also supplies Mica tapes used for traction and inverted-driven motors. These tapes protect machines from voltage peaks that can be 2 to 3 times higher than the rated voltage.


The sleeving products Hilatex supplies are manufactured to the highest standards to insulate motors, generators, transformers, engines and pumps.

Our sleeving products conform to international industry standards and are used for:

  • High and low temperature applications
  • High and low voltage applications
  • Abrasive and other demanding applications
  • Flame resistance

Hilatex varnish.jpg


Hilatex offers a comprehensive range of varnishes and resins for a variety of applications, whether drip, trickle, spray or vacuum impregnation and in a number of different solvent and solventless bases with different thermal and electrical properties.

Our varnishes are compliant to Class B, Class F and Class H requirements.

We supply resins which make excellent electrical insulation coatings in the construction of electric motors and generators to cover rotor slots, stator slots, stator hair pin turns, end windings and dynamo starter coils.

These coatings reduce surface irregularities of the soft-magnetic laminations and have outstanding dielectric, adhesion, thermal, mechanical, chemical resistance and moisture resistance properties.

Hilatex rail composite


Hilatex supplies composites used as bushes, neck rings, wear rings and thrust plates in pumps. These materials have low coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance giving long life performance, and chemical resistance.

An increasing number of pump manufacturers are now substituting traditional rubber cutlass bearings with our composite material as it offers reduced stick slip, reduced bearing and shaft wear, as well as improved fuel efficiency and pump performance.

Our composites are used as bushes in vertical turbine pumps, cooling pumps for power stations, horizontal pumps and centrifugal pumps. 

The high performance composites we supply are also used as rotor blades in pumps and compressors.