Hilatex supplies high performance composite materials which provide compressive strength, durability, dimensional stability and low friction, resulting in long useable life in arduous abrasive environments

Our products are available in various forms such as bushes, staves, propeller shafts, hatch cover pads, slipway pads, davit bearings, anchor sheave bushes, fully machined bearings, stern tube, rudder bearings, cutter head bearings, capstans, winches, derricks and tank insulation pads for asphalt, sulphur and bitumen carriers.

Hilatex marine composite


Merchant fleets around the world use these composite materials for their stern tube and rudder bearing applications and it has been fitted in more than 8,000 vessels worldwide. These high wear resistant materials offer low friction rates and are able to operate without need for lubrication, thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs.

The propeller shaft and rudder bearings are approved and used by navies worldwide and approved by all the major marine classification societies. They offer reduced stick slip, improved fuel efficiency, lower vibration and reduced wear.

Our epoxy glass and carbon fiber sheets are used to provide mounting points for seats and deck mounted equipment within marine GRP structures.

Lightweight and with a unique range of properties, the sheet and tube products in our range provide designers with the flexibility and choice of materials to solve many problems in the marine sector.

Whatever your needs are, please contact us about applications for laminates and composites within the marine sector.

Hilatex marine tape


We also supply thick glass cloth tapes laminated with aluminium and silicone adhesive for heat insulation to be used in ship engine and boilers.